The examination of wavw motions is traditionally based on the differential equation of D’Alambert, the solution of which describes the motion along a single dimension, while its bidimensional extension takes on the concept of plane waves. Considering these elements and/or limits, the research is divided into two parts: in the first are written the differential equations relating on the conditions two/three-dimensional for which the exact solutions are found; in the second the concepts are extended to the analisys of the propagation of wave motions in porous media both artificial and natural. In the end the work is completed by a series of tests, which show the high reliability of the phisycal-matematicals models proposed.
Keywords: d'Alambert; Wave Motions; Propagations One/Two/Three-Dimensional, Porous Media.
Published in: Geomaterials, 2013, n. 3, pp. 111-119
doi: 10.4236/gm.2013.33014 Online July 2013
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